Advanced ACL Exercises


ACL Program – Advanced Exercises

Home Program: please consult your physician before starting any program

Physician to complete reps sets days
0-2 weeks      
2-4 weeks      
4-6 weeks      
Foam Roller Modified Squats Single Leg Curls
Foam Roller

  • roll outside of leg
  • find “hot” spot and roll for 20 sec
Modified Squats

  • place soccer ball btwn knees
  • sit back and down
  • perform 1/4 squat
Single leg curls or dead lift

  • lie flat on back
  • place heel on ball
  • raise opposite leg
  • raise hips off ground
  • pull ball back towards butt
Lateral Step Ups Diagonal Shoulder Raise Single Leg Squat
Lateral Step Ups

  • stand on 6″ platform
  • stick your hip back
  • touch heel to floor
Diagonal Shoulder Raise

  • balance on left leg
  • start with right hand on left hip
  • raise up and outward
Single Leg Squat

  • place bench or chair behind you
  • squat down and try to touch butt to bench
Side Hip Raises Posterior Capsule Stretch Quad Stretch
Side Hip Raises

  • place forearm on the bench
  • raise top leg 10x
  • repeat on other side
Posterior Capsule Stretch

  • place towel around foot
  • opposite hand on thigh and press down on thigh while pulling heel up
  • hold for 30 sec.

Quad Stretch

  • lie on side
  • keep knees together
  • pull heel to butt
  • then pull hip back
  • hold for 30 sec

Consult with your physician prior to performing exercise.

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