Knee Pain Exercises

Straight Leg Exercise for Quads

Following most knee surgeries the quadriceps (thigh) muscle loses muscle mass in a matter of days. The stronger you are prior to surgery, the stronger you will be after surgery. This simple straight leg exercise can be done pre and post-operatively. Source: O’Fit website

Front Step Ups R

Excellent exercise for developing leg balance, strength and power. Start with a smaller step, approximately 6 inches high and gradually increase height of step. Source: O’Fit website

IT Band Foam Rollers for Runners

By far the best stretch for runners. The Iiliotibial (IT) band is a trouble spot for many runners. This band can become very tight in runners creating anterior knee pain. By keeping this band loose, runners can prevent knee pain. Source: O’Fit website

Lateral Hip Strength

This exercise can be used to prevent acl injuries as well as to do after injury. Often, our lateral hip is very weak which leads to acl injuries. This simple exercise with a loop will help you strengthen the hips and prevent injuries. Source: O’Fit website

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