Meniscus Exercises


Meniscus Exercises

Home Program: please consult your physician before starting any program

Physician to complete reps sets days
0-2 weeks
2-4 weeks
4-6 weeks
Foam Roller Modified Squats
Alternating Bicep Curl

  • balance on left leg
  • keep pelvis level
  • keep hip and knee slightly bent
  • perform alternating arm curl
Wall Sits

  • place shoulders and low back against wall
  • sit down so hips and knees are at 90 degrees
  • pull abs inward
  • hold this position as long as you can
Lateral Step Ups Diagonal Shoulder Raise
Straight Leg Raise

  • start with no band
  • pulls abs in firmly
  • tighten thigh and raise leg
  • lower slowly
  • *advance to using band
Lateral Hip Kicks

  • pull abs in firmly
  • balance on left foot
  • kick right leg out to side
  • repeat with other leg
  • use table or wall to touch or assist with balance
Side Hip Raises Posterior Capsule Stretch
Single Bridge

  • place foot on ground or bosu
  • raise opposite leg
  • pull abs inward
  • contract glutes (butt)
  • raise hip off ground
Quad Sets

  • place towel under knee
  • tighten thigh by pushing back of leg into towel and slightly raising heel off ground
  • hold contraction for 5 seconds and repeat
Side Hip Raises Posterior Capsule Stretch
Prone Hangs

  • lie on your stomach on table
  • let knees hang off edge of table
  • try to relax and let legs drop
  • should feel in back of legg behind knee
  • start with 30-60 seconds and work your way up to holding for 2 min
Hamstring Stretch

  • lie flat on back
  • keep uninvolved knee bent or straight
  • take involved knee and gently straighten leg, but do not lock
  • pull toes towards floor
  • hold for 30 seconds and repeat 2x
Consult with your physician prior to performing exercise.

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