Your New Knee Could Be 3-D

ScienceDaily (2016-03-16)—Arthritis and injuries take a huge toll on the knees among … [Read more...]

Knee Cartilage Restoration Benefits Middle-Aged Patients

ScienceDaily (2016-03-04)—Reports on cartilage restoration procedures have come mostly … [Read more...]

Cow Cells Used to Grow New Cartilage For Osteoporosis

ScienceDaily (2016-01-21)—Swedish researchers have found a way to use cells from cow … [Read more...]

Low Vitamin D Levels May Worsen Osteoarthritis Of The Knee

Vitamin D

ScienceDaily (2007-11-15) -- Low vitamin D levels may cause greater knee pain and … [Read more...]

Stronger Leg Muscles Can Protect Against Knee Osteoarthritis

Strong leg muscles

ScienceDaily (2006-12-27) -- Stronger quadriceps muscles in the legs can help protect … [Read more...]

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