Why Women Experience More Knee Injuries Than Men

ScienceDaily (2016-03-18)—A research team has suggested that one reason women experience … [Read more...]

ACL Injuries Epidemic among Young Female Athletes

ScienceDaily (2014-04-30)—The number of anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries among … [Read more...]

Meniscus Knee Surgery Responds Well to Stem Cell Therapy

ScienceDaily (2014-01-16)—A single injection of mesenchymal stem cells after undergoing … [Read more...]

ACL Rupture Risk Greater Among Female Athletes

ScienceDaily (2013-01-08)--Nature made the female knee different from the male knee, and … [Read more...]

Overuse Injuries Common Among College Athletes, Especially Women

ScienceDaily (2012-04-12)—Overuse injuries, which are typical among long-distance … [Read more...]

ACL Tear Treatment: Reconstructive Surgery or Physical Therapy?

New England Journal of Medicine (2010-07-21)-- After an athlete experiences an anterior … [Read more...]

Glucocorticoids After Knee Injury May Prevent Osteoarthritis

ScienceDaily (2011-09-03)—Short-term treatment with glucocorticoids after joint injury, … [Read more...]

Gender May Be a Risk Factor in ACL Knee Injuries

ScienceDaily (2011-07-07)—Researchers believe gender may be a risk factor for cartilage … [Read more...]

Osteoarthritis Overview

Originally described as a chronic degenerative disease of joint cartilage, osteoarthritis … [Read more...]

New System Monitors Knee Injury Treatment

Fraunhofer (2011-03)—Scientists have developed a new system that can monitor knee … [Read more...]

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