Acupuncture Misses the Point in Chronic Knee Pain

ScienceDaily (2014-10-01)—Among individuals older than 50 years who have moderate or … [Read more...]

New Type of Knee Replacement Saves Ligaments

ScienceDaily (2014-07-22)—Anyone who is in need of a total knee replacement may want to … [Read more...]

200,000 Total Knee Replacements Yearly Inappropriate in US

ScienceDaily (2014-06-30)--Use of a patient classification system has shown that more than … [Read more...]

Repeat Hip and Knee Replacement Surgery Risk Reduced with HRT

ScienceDaily (2014-01-22)—Among women who underwent hip or knee replacement surgery, the … [Read more...]

Meniscus Knee Surgery Responds Well to Stem Cell Therapy

ScienceDaily (2014-01-16)—A single injection of mesenchymal stem cells after undergoing … [Read more...]

Nanoparticles Increase Osteoporosis Drug Retention in Knee Joint

ScienceDaily (2011-10-26)—Researchers have discovered a unique way to increase the … [Read more...]

Glucocorticoids After Knee Injury May Prevent Osteoarthritis

ScienceDaily (2011-09-03)—Short-term treatment with glucocorticoids after joint injury, … [Read more...]

Osteoarthritis Overview

Originally described as a chronic degenerative disease of joint cartilage, osteoarthritis … [Read more...]

Two Simultaneous Knee Replacements Carry Benefits and Risks

ScienceDaily (2011-02-28) -- Patients who undergo knee replacement on both knees … [Read more...]

ACL Surgery Not Needed in Most Cases

Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) surgery is unnecessary in more than half of ACL injury … [Read more...]

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